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Application fields of diatomite

Diatomite filter aid

    The diatomite filter aid can form rigid filter cake with lattice structure, which can make fine particles in the liquid before filtration become gel impurities and be withheld on the lattice framework. It has good permeability and provides multi-hole filter cake texture, with void content of over 85% and high flow rate, which can filter out fine suspended solids. Its application and advantages are wider than application range of the perlite, activated carbon, acid earth and fiber filter cotton, and it has excellent effect for the improvement of filtering rate and clarity in solid-liquid separation. It has stable chemical property, has no pollution for the filter liquid and wide application range.

  Food industry: Used for the filtration of the beer, white spirit, fruit juice, all kinds of beverages, syrup, vegetable oil, enzymic preparations and citric acid.

  Chemical industry: Used for the filtration of the dye, coatings, electrofacing, solvent, acids, electrolyte, synthetic resin, chemical fiber, glycerol and latex solution.

  Medical industry: Used for the filtration of various antibiotics, glucose and Chinese traditional medicine extracts.

  Environmental aspect: Widely used for water treatment, which can purify urban drinking water, sewage, and industrial wastewater and remit water shortages in cities.

Diatomite functional filler

The diatomite functional filler means that diatomite is filled into some material or product to improve and enhance its material or product performance. So it got its name. The diatomite functional filler is of light body, soft quality, multi-hole, sound insulation, heat resistance, acid resistance, larger specific surface area and stable chemical property and other good properties, and is widely used in numerous industrial areas, which can change heat stability, elasticity, dispersibility of products and improve abrasive resistance and acid-proof character.

  Industrial filler

It can be used as the functional filter and widely used in the oil paint, plastic, rubber, grease, varnish, fertilizer, paper and asphalt products, improving greatly the product performance.

  Auxiliary filler

It can be used as the activated carrier for several catalysts and widely used for the catalyst carrier in the oxidation, reduction, hydrogenation, hydration, polymerization, transformation, synthesis, alkylation and desulfuration and other reactions, especially for the carrier of vanadium catalyst.

  Reinforce filler

The granule structure can play a part of reinforce in silicones rubber products and mechanical rubber products. It can improve the performance of heat resistance, wear resistance, ageing resistance and other chemical action of rubber products; make products have good extensibility, high impact strength, tensile strength and tearing strength, good ageing resistance, wear resistance and compressive strength.

  Insulation Material

  Thermal insulation materials

Diatomite and its products has strong heat insulation and low air permeability, can be used for heat preservation of the boiler, distiller, heat treatment furnace and dryer, and lightweight insulation board, insulating brick and insulating pipe.

  Architectural coating filler

It can be used as functional fillers for internal (external) wall coating of buildings. It can be used as functional fillers for internal (external) wall coating of buildings. In the coating, unique multi-hole granule structure can make the smooth coating become rough, producing delustring. Moreover, it can also adjust and balance cohesive force of coating and base plane and dry fast the viscidity and coatings. Addition of filler can improve fire-resistance temperature of coating, and adjust temperature and humidity, absorb hazardous substance and purify air for indoor use.

  Flexible abrasive filler

It can used to compound abrasive pastes, liquid abrading and other metal polishing powder, with soft texture and strong lubricating property. It is widely used for the filler for the polishing paste of the furniture, silver, copper and stainless steel ware. High-purity diatomite fines are added into the silver polishing powder formula, which can be used as polishing agent of the automobile. 2019-2020